• FruitCheck - The missing link!

    The solution to optimize control processes and link producers, traders and retailers.

Why You'll Love Our Platform

Finally control processes and personell can function more effectively, results are more representative and client requirements better integrated.

It's Awesome

FruitCheck supports and guides the user through the entire control procedure taking into account all relevant parameters. The report can only be sent if all is complete. Nothing missing anymore!

Powerful Features

FruitCheck can be used everywhere, everytime and by everybody since it is installed on your smartphone. FruitCheck leads the user step-by-step through the inspection process - just like booking a flight - generating a real-time report with all client specific data including images.

Modern & Flexible

List your top App features and details with elegance and style.

Fast Data Collection

Gather all of the important data fast and easy through the guided control process.


Each report is sent directy in-site to a predefined mailing list as soon as it is finished. All chain partners are informed simltaneously.


The app is set-up multilingual and with translatior function. All reports can be translated with a few clicks into the desired language.

Wherever You Are

FruitCheck can be used anywhere you want. Even if you have no internet connection you can still work offline and sent the report as soon as you have internet acess again.

Easy To Use

The App guides you through the whole control process and even warns you if you forgot to enter all of the information.

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Convince yourself of our app and get in touch with us. The Demo is available at the Google PlayStore.

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